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Giving Back to the Bahamas – THANK YOU!

Your donations are directly helping Abaco residents

At about the same time our brand was being established more than 20 years ago, Indialantic natives Capt. Mark & Patti Gonsalves had just started their own business – Cruise Abaco LLC, a captained charter service based in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas.

Taking a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian, this small town was one of many throughout the Abaco area to experience widespread damage and devastation. 

With no way of evacuating the island beforehand, Cruise Abaco’s staff of 12 Haitian-Bahamian natives experienced this unwavering devastation first-hand.

For 24 hours, this group, including nine adults and three children (one with a medical condition), huddled together in one of the company’s triplex bungalows without any form of communication or updates on the unforgiving storm. Wind gusts as high as 185 mph completely destroyed the roof of the home, among other structural damages.

Since that time, this group has been working tirelessly to rebuild in the most primitive conditions – no electricity, running water for only one hour per day, sleeping on water-damaged mattresses and taking cover from rain storms with a makeshift roof made of tarps.

“They have essentially lost everything, but each time we make trips over there or talk to them on the phone, they are just filled with positivity,” Patti said. “The resilience of these people and this community is truly amazing.”

Our brand, consisting of Long Doggers, Meg O’Malley’s and Hemingway’s Tavern, has “adopted” this group of inspiring individuals and will use 100 percent of the donations received through our Bahamian Flag fundraiser to purchase the materials and supplies needed for a new roof and structural repairs on the home they are living in, as well as other basic necessities.  

To everyone who has donated, THANK YOU!!