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Kilkenny Castle

Stories of Ireland 

Story by Korinn Braden
The territory of the Deer People or Osraige in Irish, was established in the 5th or 6th century. In the 9th century, the King's prowess with trade or negotiation with the Vikings made him the most powerful king in the region. This in turn made Kilkenny a center of power.
Today, one of Irelands best Medieval cities sits. The original wood work castle was built by the Normans. Kilkenny or Cancice's Church, was one of Ireland's earliest Christian settlements.

Richard De Clare, also known as Strongbow, was the forefather of the Bunratty De Clares. Strongbow took hold of the Kilkenny lands after his Norman Invasion of Ireland and built as castle there as early as 1172. His son-in-law and successor began work on the present castle in 1207. The Kilkenny castle was part of of the town known as Englishtown. The old part of town, or St. Canice's, was then known as Irishtown. The two sides of town often clashed, to say the least. The expression, Kilkenny Cats, origin-ated as a result of the constant bickering between the two areas.

The castle was occupied until 1935. In 1967 the owners presented it to the country of Ireland.

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