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Rock of Cashel

Stories of Ireland

Story by Korinn Braden
You'll find the Rock of Cashel on the main Dublin-Cork road. As you round the bend, on the plain, a group of impressive Medieval buildings on a limestone outcrop appear.

However, in the 4th century, a stone fort stood. In the 5th century, Saint Patrick converted the then king who made Cashel an office for bishops. In 1101 the Rock was granted to the Church. In 1127 work started on the chapel which survives today. A 13th century cathedral is the largest building on the rock. The Rock of Cashel, the limstone outcrop, was also the seat of kings. Brian Boru was crowned there in 1002, when he became High King of Ireland. By becoming King and exacted tribute from other kings of Ireland, he unified the island and became a lasting symbol of nationhood. At the base of the Rock of Cashel is an interpretive village, focusing on the study of native Irish culture.